Learning to read is a magical part of a child’s life, and a love of reading starts with stories read by Mom and Dad. Share your culture with your child or teach your child a new language with our bilingual storybooks. Our story selection offers early reading fiction and nonfiction books in a wide variety of languages, including stories written in Arabic, Russian, Japanese, English, and more. These books are perfect for young readers eager to try out reading themselves. We also recommend these for any grade school student learning another language. These simple stories are ones your child will love hearing again and again. Pretty soon, your kids will be reading these stories back to you!

In addition to preparing children for school, reading fictional stories helps children develop empathy, cultural sensitivity, and curiosity too. Learning multiple languages at once is particularly easy for children, so pick up a few books in multiple languages for your preschooler. Your child will be asking you to reread these bilingual bedtime stories again and again! Through these books for elementary readers, your child can discover a whole new world while expanding their vocabulary in multiple languages.

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