Destination bookstore for unique collection of top-quality educational and developmental books to excel child’s language learning skills

We offer language concept books for different international languages from many authors & publishers publishing books aiming to teach kids how to read, pronounce & write.

Alphabet books inspire play, learning and enhance a child’s developmental skills. In addition to being a fun way to spend time together, books and posters can play a great role in your child’s development. Incorporating them into daily routine is strongly encouraged and it is easy to do by just reading books with them.

Reading books to babies contributes to the development of their growing brains and gives them a good start towards their reading skills. We offer selection of self reading bilingual short story books, bedtime story books, fairy tale story books, festival and cultural story books to help your child master the reading skills.

Activity workbooks lets kids practice their writing, drawing and painting skills. Kids start with tracing straight/curvy lines, then to shapes, then letters, and eventually basic objects. We have collection of alphabet picture books, coloring books, letter tracing activity workbooks, and many other writing practice notebooks from Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Russian and many other international languages.