Exposure to math from an early age can make a big difference in your child’s development. With our math books, your toddler can learn to count while also learning to read! Building skill and comfort with simple math concepts prepares your child to thrive throughout grade school, high school, and beyond, so setting a solid foundation is crucial to your student’s success. From learning to count with infant board books to strengthening skills with math workbooks, we have the tools your child needs to get a head start.

Learning new languages is a great way to expand your child’s problem solving and creativity skills, but so are early experiences with math! Your young reader will love listening to the stories and may not even notice that they are counting or learning new mathematical concepts. Hands-on engagement with activity books allows your child to take the lead with their learning long before they reach school age. From developing spatial awareness in learning about shapes to recognizing patterns, the practical applications of learning math at a young age are endless. Watch your child’s mind expand when you gift them some new math-related activity books!

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