Telling stories is a central aspect of acquiring new languages, and story books help children grasp new concepts, develop vocabulary, and understand grammatical standards in another language. Reading books to your child and having them read to you not only helps with learning a new language; it also helps children develop empathy, increases cognition, and can ultimately help your student get better grades! Storybooks also offer an opportunity to teach about different cultures and customs, so they are especially useful when your child is learning about their family in another country. Our large selection of storybooks in English is particularly useful for young kids who are learning English as a first, second, or even third language.

Bedtime stories are great for introducing children to a new language or helping them become more proficient in their first language at an early age. Our large selection of English children’s books for all ages teach everything from colors and shapes to complex moral concepts. You’ll love watching your child develop a love of reading with our exceptional story books in English.

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