The Number Story 1 : Small Book One English-Korean

The Number Story 1 teaches little children how to remember their numbers using rhyme and picture-association. The pictures are warm and cozy, making learning numbers welcoming and fun. Children will recognize, remember, and know their numbers smiling. Who knew learning numbers was so easy and tearless!


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March 13, 2018

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Anna Miss

Finally, after quietly observing for hundreds of years, Numbers have arisen and have come to the aid of thousands and millions of children who need help learning their numbers 0-10. Their mission? To help children connect their number names to the correct number symbol! Too many times have they seen children confused, sad, discouraged, and frustrated when faced with this momentous challenge. Too often have they seen parents wring their hands, scratch their heads, and, in desperation, stick numbers everywhere hoping that will work. They even saw a parent shout at their child for not knowing his numbers! Jumping numerals!!! Numbers could not stay put any longer. Jingling a story that will make them be all smiles, they have come to the rescue of downcast children and crying parents. Truly, what could be nestled inside The Number Story?

Miss Anna unveils her newest gift to ALL Korean-speaking children! The DUAL-TRANSLATION Small Book Edition of the award-winning Number Story 1! Rewritten, redrawn, and recolored for the littlest of children, the dually-translated Small Book Edition will make little eyes sparkle with delight. Learning numbers 0-10 is simply delightful when children are with these charming Numbers. As the first book in the educational-fiction Number Story series, Number Story 1 will open up a child’s heart and mind to the world of numbers. They will see that Numbers are not stiff, strict, or boring at all. On the contrary, they will see that Numbers are fun, sweet, and cool to hang out with. And what stories they tell! Inspirational, clever, fun, enjoyable, creative, beautiful, and sweet, this Bronze Medal Winner of the Wishing Shelf Book Award is loved for its creative brilliance and childlike simplicity. Toddlers and young children are encouraged to read and even sing-a-long with the Numbers. The sing-a-long song titled The Number Story One can be found in your favorite music store. If you would like your children to learn their numbers smiling, you would love Miss Anna’s The Number Story series. Buy the book and discover the story the Numbers have written within.


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