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Here Are the Best Workbooks to Help Your Child Thrive During Remote Learning

Best Workbooks to Help Your Child Thrive During Remote Learning

As we settle into remote learning, you may be noticing that your student needs extra practice to develop their skills.

Your school will be providing workbooks to help your kids keep up with schoolwork. However, a few pages in a workbook can’t compare to time spent practicing new skills in the classroom. It’s essential to give your young students as many opportunities to practice as possible to help them keep up with current state standards.

Whether your kids are struggling to keep up or looking for a new challenge, these educational workbooks for elementary school can help them master the skills they need to succeed this year. Help your child get ahead with the best educational workbooks on almost any subject.

Language Arts

Excelling at English can be challenging for young kids, especially if English isn’t their first language spoken at home. Along with reading to your children in English, using some of these workbooks can help your student progress with their language skills. Here are the top workbooks we recommend to help students meet and exceed current state standards in Language Arts.


These helpful workbooks help your student learn new words, improve their reading comprehension, and practice reading independently. Get your child a new reading activity book to help them build their reading skills throughout the day.


Crafting a story and putting it on paper is an essential skill for success. Writing can help your children become more comfortable with sentence structure and grammar norms. Help your child excel at writing with these helpful workbooks.


With all our classes over the computer, it’s more important than ever to practice writing and building that muscle memory. Try these fun workbooks to help your child improve their penmanship.


Learning new words is one of the most exciting parts of school! Encourage your child to expand their vocabulary and improve their spelling with these language arts activity books.


Part of learning to read is learning about pronunciation and the sounds that words make. These workbooks can help your child master phonics and sound out almost any word!


Working on math at home can be challenging, especially with the new common core requirements. Some parents struggle with teaching their kids math in the same way their teacher does, causing confusion and frustration during homework time. These math activity books can give your child the extra practice and direction they need to learn fundamental skills.

Whether your student is tackling addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, we’ve got the perfect math workbook to meet their grade level.

Word Problems

As your child becomes more adept at their math skills, they can begin to apply them through problem-solving. Word problems help your child conceptualize math in real-life scenarios. These workbooks can help keep your kids learning and occupied between online classroom sessions.

Geometry & Measurements

Learning about shapes and measurements sets the stage for building spatial awareness skills later in life. Help your child stay ahead of the curve with these dedicated geometry workbooks for elementary school.

Science / STEAM

Science and STEAM skills help foster kids’ curiosity about how things work. Even without science labs in the classroom, these science activity books can help students learn about cause and effect. Check out these helpful science and technology workbooks to


Discovering the world can open a child’s mind! Reading maps and learning about new countries keeps children’s imagination engaged, even if they’re learning at home. Try out these age-appropriate geography activity books to get your child excited about the world around them!

Helping your child stay up to speed with their grade-level standards can be tricky, especially during remote learning. Having extra workbooks can help your student get the practice they need while also keeping them occupied between class sessions. Getting extra workbooks can help your child stay interested in the material and give them independent learning time outside the classroom.

Pick up a few workbooks for your child today and watch them excel!

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