Help your child learn beyond the classroom with our large selection of books and book collections from Scholastic. Scholastic teaching resources are designed to provide your children with age-appropriate educational Scholastic reading material that helps them learn science concepts, Scholastic practice math, or even practice their handwriting! Books from Scholastic are especially helpful for parents who are homeschooling. These Scholastic interactive workbooks and early education readers are perfect for engaging your child's interest and helping them find new topics to learn about. Achieve skill mastery with these Scholastic book sets.


Not only are these Scholastic books valuable learning tools for your children; they're also a great gift for teachers! Help your student's teacher build out his or her classroom with these comprehensive Scholastic collections. With a number of Scholastic teacher resources, these books can also be used to help you instruct your young ones at home, specifically on topics where you may need a refresher. Plus, learning can be fun when you teach your kids using fun games, flashcards, and CDs. The sky is truly the limit!

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