Science can be fun when you're learning about animals with books from the National Geographic Society! National Geographic is a leading educational company committed to teaching people of all ages about nature, and these National Geographic animal books will quickly become bedtime favorites in your house. Many children are fascinated by science, so giving early readers National Geographic science books can keep your child engaged and jumpstart their desire to read. National Geographic gorgeous photorealistic pictures make these books a great gift for all the kids in your family.

Between adorable pictures and fascinating animal facts, these stories are ones your child is bound to love. Teach your kids about culture, history, and world geography too. With National Geographic, the opportunities are endless to find something that will become your child's latest obsession. Whether they're crazy about puppies or love the rainforest, almost any specialized interest can be found here. Get your child a jumpstart with these easy-to-read National Geographic books about nature!

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