Dr. Seuss created a number of recognizable characters that children love, and we carry a large number of Dr. Seuss books to help your child develop an interest in independent reading. The rhymes and tongue twisters in Dr. Seuss books are known for stretching the imagination and making young children laugh; after a few times hearing their parents read the playful tales, children are eager to try reading these books on their own. That makes Dr. Seuss books particularly good for young children learning English as a second language. These Dr. Seuss books help children comprehend and learn about language sounds and rhyming at a high level with silly words and endearing characters.

New readers will love these Dr. Seuss english storybooks, especially as they start to learn more about phonics. These Dr. Seuss silly stories and memorable characters will stay with your children year after year. Pick up a few of these Dr. Seuss classics for your kids today!

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